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Welcome to 
Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp 
- commonly called Westport Camp


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Open Paintball 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 and
New Year’s Day - Thursday, January 1, 2015

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

We would love to have you all come to SBY Camp to play paintball with us! Players must be 9 years or older to play. 

$35 a player. Includes all equipment (Marker, CO2 Tank [unlimited], 500 paintballs, mask, chest protector [optional], neck guard [optional]). Additional paintballs may be purchased for $12 for a bag of 500. 

You may bring your own equipment. SBY Camp referees will test your marker and set it for correct speed and inspect your face mask for approval. Fee is the same for all players - even if they bring their own equipment. This ensures that SBY Camp will take care of all players even if a player's personal marker malfunctions or runs out of CO2, the player will be provided for in order to stay in the game. Only paintballs provided by SBY Camp are allowed.

All players must complete a "Paintball Waiver" before playing. The "Field Rules for Paintball" will be covered before playing. SBY Camp provides refereeing for all games. All equipment will be tested before allowed in the playing zone. There is a safety zone for non-players to sit and watch, along with a campfire to warm by. Players must be 9years or older. Any children age 8 years and younger are not allowed in the playing zone and must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the safety zone. 

Concessions will be available to purchase (drinks, snacks, hot dogs, sloppy joe).


Please contact the camp to be sure there is still equipment available on the day you plan to attend. When you contact the camp you will be given further instructions on where to check-in upon arrival. Everyone must check-in at Grace Hall. 

Use one of the following methods to sign-up:                                                  

Call: 812-591-2515

Email: sbycamp@gmail.com

Text: 812-593-3877

We hope to see you all there! 




Hey everyone! You can now make donations to the camp by shopping on Amazon! If you go to smile.amazon.com and type in Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp - Westport Camp in the choose-your-charity section you can select the camp and will donate 0.5% of your purchase to the camp!!! So as you shop on amazon, just remember to go to smile.amazon.com

Thank you all so much! God bless!




2015 Camp Schedule

June 14-19, Junior Camp (entering grades 4-6)

June 21-26, Jr. Sr.High Camp (entering grades 7-12)

June 28-July 1, Primary Camp (entering grades 1-3)

July 5-10, Music Camp (entering grades 7-12)

July 7-10, Golf Camp (entering grades 7-12)

July 12-17, Junior Camp (entering grades 4-6)

July 19-24, Junior-Senior Camp (entering grades 4-12)

July 26-27, Kindergarten Camp (entering Kindergarten-1st grade)

August 7-9, Wilderness Camp

September 4-7, Family Camp (husband & wife with children)

September 18-20, Paintball Camp (grades 6-12)

A weekend in October, Operation Equip (young adult out of high school)





Check out the PAINTBALL MINISTRY under "The Camp" 

Retreat Cabin, Grace Hall & Retreat Center

Mission Statement

The mission of Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp is to provide a place located in the beauty of God’s nature where people of all ages can gather to learn and study God’s truths, build God’s kingdom, and have Christian fun. In sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the camp provides an atmosphere for nurturing individual Christian commitments and developing Christian leaders.

Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp has membership in Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA), an association of hundreds of camps, conference centers, and retreat centers located throughout the United States.

Membership links camp staff and board members with more than 7,000 peer professionals in Christian camping, and with the CCCA national office in Colorado Springs, which provides trend analysis and timely resources through dozens of practical services.

CCCA also sponsors numerous training events designed to promote excellence and expand the horizons of Christian camping leaders. The result of this connection is a group of members who stand better equipped in their task of shaping lives.

Most major denominations and church associations, as well as many nationally recognized youth and adult ministries, are represented in CCCA.About half of the member camps and conferences are independent organizations.

A CCCA survey published in 2007 revealed the scope of Christian camping’s unique impact. According to the research, CCCA member camps and conferences serve about 6.5 million people every year. Some 178,000 come to faith in Jesus Christ through these camp experiences, and an estimated 203,000 adults are now involved in full-time Christian work as the result of decisions made at CCCA member organizations. Over 117,000 churches in America are served by CCCA member organizations.

CCCA is a not-for-profit association incorporated in 1963. The largest of 17 similar entities worldwide, CCCA exists to proclaim the power and benefits of the Christian camp and conference experience, and to provide leaders at member organizations with ongoing encouragement, professional training, and timely resources. For more information, visit www.ccca.org.

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